Free On-Site Estimates:

We will come to you to measure the areas you want done, help you with any decisions and show you samples as well as answer any questions you may have.


We can provide you with materials and supplies for Custom Hardwood Floors, Engineered or laminate if you are a Do It Yourselfer, already have an installer or even better we can installer for you.


From glue down, floating or nail down Residential Hardwood Floor installation to sport systems in Gym Floors including Court Striping, Custom Logos and Stages we can help you with any of your flooring installation needs. We are proud to say that we have a team of Professional Hardwood Floor Installers and we don’t hire subcontractors, and that’s really important to have better quality control of the installation.
While there are products & possibilities available in a wide variety of choices when it comes to new floor installations, not all may be ideal for your project. Durability, design, & sub floor types can play a major factor in narrowing down your options. If you are considering installing a new floor, we encourage you to contact us for a free estimate. We will discuss with you what you are looking to do & what the best options are for your specific job. Excalibur Hardwood Floors can supply & install a wide range of flooring like: Unfinished Hardwood Floors, Reclaimed Hardwood Floors, Prefinished Hardwood Floors, Engineered Hardwood Floors, Bamboo Floors, Cork Floors, Custom
Widths, Medallions, Borders, Custom Floor Designs, Hand scraped Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Floors, etc…

Borders, Medallions And Inlays:

Since ancient times, woodworkers have carved out planks in one pattern and precisely fitted another species of wood at the same level to produce a smooth surface, called inlay. Hardwood floor borders and inlays add texture, pattern, and definition by creating a design with contrasting wood. Decorators and designers use them in any room of the house to set off clusters of furniture, separate living spaces, or dramatize a central feature.
Floor Medallions are generally a centerpiece of flooring design that can be made with various flooring materials including natural stone, wood, metal, tile, glass or a variety of other materials suitable for flooring.


Our installers have the experience and the training to do almost any kind of Hardwood Floor Repairs on your damaged flooring due to water damage, pet stains, damaged/split boards, etc… We can provide the same species & grade of wood as your existing flooring. This helps to blend the repairs in with the existing floors, but we can not guarantee a 100% match in any repairs. Smaller imperfections, such as holes and gaps between boards can sometimes be filled and make it look like nothing ever happened.


Even thought hardwood floors are really durable, over the years many develop small splits, cracks or scratches in the surface from normal daily use that can easily be repaired with a screen and coat (also called buff & coat) procedure which is a cost effective method of fixing or revitalizing worn or dull floors instead of paying for a complete refinishing. floors can be brought back to life by abrading the old finish on the existing floor making it compatible for applying another layer of new finish. We will bring in a buffing machine and attach a special sanding screen to the bottom and after abrading it will do a deep cleaning to remove as much dirt and scuff marks so we don’t trap them in between coats.


A lot of times a hardwood floor has gone through a lot of traffic and abuse past it’s recoat point, often so bad that you can see the bare wood or after a minor water damage that caused the hardwood flooring to start looking wavy, or just because you want to change the stain color and make it look new again without spending a fortune to remove the existing flooring and install a new one.
The basics involved in a Hardwood Floor Refinish or sanding job are as follows: the floor is rough-sanded to remove the old finish that is on the entire surface of the floor. In the case of top nailed or surface-nailed floors, each nail is set by hand prior to this step. We then fill any areas that are appropriate or requested by the customer. Once the filler is dry, the floor is sanded again with a finer sand paper to remove any excess filler & smooth out rough sanding marks. Next, a very fine sand paper is used for the final sanding pass. The floor is then ready for the stain color (if desired) or the first coat of finish & left to dry. We then screen the floor, a process similar to sanding, but using a less abrasive screen instead of sand paper & the successive coats of finish are then applied & left to dry.

Deep Cleaning:

When the daily cleaning it’s not enough and your floors starts getting dull from dirt build up but there is no damage we can do a professional cleaning to help you with the regular maintenance instead of try to scrub for hours, it’s a one day process and you can walk on it in minutes.